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About Us

The Pets for Life Mission
Pets for Life was founded in 2010 to support the vital role of companion animals in the lives of Vermont seniors.

We believe that companion animals can bring health and happiness - of special importance for our senior and homebound neighbors.
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Pets for Life Program Leadership
Pets for Life is a program of The Northeast Kingdom Council on Aging.

Pets for Life builds upon and expands the Meals for Pets program (founded 2009) which provides pet-food assistance to Meals-on Wheels recipients in-need.
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How Pets for Life Works
Pets for Life works with local organizations and individuals who can help connect pet owners with local resources, including pet-food assistance, medical care, foster care, and guidance needed to support their pet.

We also provide pet-adoption referrals and resources to people who dream of bringing a companion animal into their lives.
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Our Program Partners
Pets for Life relies on the generous support of local businesses, charitable organizations and individuals to fulfill the program mission.
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