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Pet Stories

Enjoy video stories from the Pets for Life community in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom.

Bobbi & Bella's Story

“When your health isn’t so good and you can’t get out she's there for you.”

~ Orleans County

Watch Bobbi & Bella's story  (1:54)

Anne's Story

"My kitties mean everything to me. They are my children, when I wake up in the morning they are something to get up for."

Essex County

Watch Anne's story (2:33)

Richard's Story

"I would make sure they have food and care just as I would for my own children."

~ Orleans County

Watch Richard's Story (2:44)

Roberta's Story

"Sneezy is my best pal and friend, and I don't have anyone elsee."

Orlean's County

Watch Roberta's story (1:54)

Lucia's Story

"Bootsie means a whole lot to me. She's alright. See how she purrs when I pet her?"

Orleans County

Watch Lucia's story (1:43)

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