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Pets for Life is volunteer-powered, and you can make a difference.

Contact Northeast Kingdom Council on Aging, of Vermont about volunteering:
Phone: 1-802-642-5119   Email: info@nekcouncil.org

A sampler of volunteer opportunities:
  • Deliver pet food and supplies
  • Fill in as a pet-sitter or dog walker
  • Answer phone requests about the program
  • Help with program outreach and events
Meet some volunteers and see how they are helping

"Rolly" is the canine conscience for the Pets for Life initiative, and handles taste- testing and quality-control for dog treats.

About Rolly: An avid traveler and adventurer, Rolly has logged countless miles throughout the U.S. and Canada in cars, trucks, boats, planes, trains - and on foot -  in "dogged" pursuit of  good-times and pet-friendly accommodations.

Alice Allen has played an essential role in developing the vision for this program as a member of the Advisory Committee.

About Alice:  "I depend on my working dogs to keep the dairy farm running smoothly. 
The Border Collies are much more than hired hands — they are my companions, best friends and guardian angels too.  To be honest, I really work for the dogs!  They run the farm!”

Jill Blouin has shared her talents in graphic design to create our unique brand identity and graphic content. 

About Jill: Lyndon State College 2011 Graduate. Jill has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design and in Digital Media. Her contribution greatly moved the website forward and she had a key role to the overall elements of this website.

See more of Jill's work at her website jblouin.com

The Daisy Scouts of Newport Vermont adopted the Kingdom Pets for Life program for their service project in November 2011. They collected a very generous supply of pet food and made a donation in time to supply our holiday deliveries!

Shannon Garrett created all the delightful "Pet Stories" videos, in collaboration with her two, and four-legged "Stars" living throughout the Northeast Kingdom.

About Shannon: Shannon majored in Fine Art at St. Lawrence University, and played lacrosse.

"I can honestly say that to every person who welcomed me into your home with the purpose of sharing your and your pet's story, I consider you a friend. As an only child I grew up believing my pet's were my siblings. I still do."

Enjoy Shannon's "Pet Stories" videos.

Oliver Smith led the design and implementation of the Pets for Life web and social-media presence.

About Oliver:  "I was raised by dogs! Also, I believe that today's internet offers huge opportunities to create awareness, collaboration and virtual community to help power important "real world" initiatives, like Pets for Life"

Visit Oliver on: LinkedIn, and Facebook

Bob Snedeker helps deliver pet-food in Caledonia County and serves on the Advisory Committee.

Bob is always ready to help and goes out of his way to make sure that those he serves get the pet food they need.

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